Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pa James of the 'Papa Ajasco' fame recounts How He Met & fell In Love With His Beautiful Wife

Veteran comic actor, Kayode Olasehinde, popularly referred to as Pa James, has disclosed how he met and fell in love with his wife.

See excerpts from his interview with journalist Ademola below:

Most people do not know your name; they refer to you as Pa James. How did you get the stage name?
I got the name from a Wale Adenuga Production and ever since, the name has stuck. It has been about 18 years now. Everybody saw the production, even outside the shores of Nigeria, and since then, I have been referred to as Pa James. 

Why did you decide to be a comic actor? 
I can play any role given to me, but comedy is what I have been doing all these years. When I began as an actor, my bosses used to advise me to stick to the comedy line of the business and that is why no matter the role I act, there must be a comic relief in it. Sometimes, even if I act normally and I am serious, people would think I am joking.

We learnt you met your wife on a movie set. How true is that?
Yes, it is very true. She came to see her sister who was an actress. Her sister was a very morally upright lady. Her sister knew that I was a serious person, but was unsure if I was married. When I approached her, she was reluctant. It took a long while before she granted me audience, but she insisted that I must be the one to come to her house because it was against her principle to visit men in their homes. I went to her house one day and I was amazed because they were God-fearing people. I decided I would marry her because her family was not the type to toy with. 

Eventually when we began dating, she came to visit me to ensure that I was not married because people were telling her to be careful as I could be a married man. When she came to my house, she inspected it to be certain that I was not married before her mind was put to rest. She asked me and I told her that I was never married.

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