Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Why I Don’t Have Tattoos - MI Abaga

Choc City boss, Jude Abaga aka M.I, has given reasons why he does not act or do like his colleagues in the rap industry. 

It is a common knowledge that showbiz personalities draw tattoos, wear studs and dress in awkward ways, which some people said have contributed to the rot in the society.  But MI seems to stand out as many people see as a ‘corporate rapper’ because of his principled lifestyle. 

Answering a question on why he is different from others, the Choc City boss explained the reason for it.  According to him,
“Someone asked me the other day why I didn’t dress like, tattoo up like, earring like, act like a rapper.  “It made me think and laugh at the same time. At the end of my life, I would hope that my answer is ‘my vocation, occasion, situation or any persuasion did not define me. I defined them all and so doing, I found me.”

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