Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ladies, Submit Your VaJayjay For A Chance to Win Up to $5000!!!

S-ex toy maker Brian Sloan started the “World’s Most Beautiful VaJayjay” pageant because he’s working on a new toy. He wants it to be modeled on the VaJayjay that wins the contest. 

Anyone can enter by sending in a picture of their VaJayjay. Then internet users can vote (anonymously) for their favorite, giving each photo a score out of 10.  The highest-rated VaJayjay will be the winner, and ‘its owner’ will be flown to Los Angeles to have it 3D-scanned so that it can be turned into a s-ex toy. And don’t forget the $5,000 #1,000,000) prize money!

“There are stock VaJayjay available at factories, but I thought it would be nice to deduce what kind of VaJayjay appearance my customers prefer and then design VaJayjay sleeves based on their feedback,” Sloan was quoted saying.

Since the competition started last month, more than 150 VaJayjay pictures have been sent-in from 20 countries.

The contest page is definitely for ADULTS ONLY and is graphic. To seem more on the beauty pageant, click HERE at your own discretion.

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