Sunday, 13 December 2015

Uche Nnannah Reacts To Her Alleged Collapsed Marriage Reports

News recently made the round that a popular Nollywood actress was sent out of her matrimonial home, just 3 months after her wedding because of her alleged involvement in a s*x tape.

The report also claimed the actress lost her son who would have saved the marriage from its untimely end. The actress, Uche Nnannah, has reacted to the report, describing it as malicious lies and an attempt to drag her name in the mud.

Speaking through her publicist Bola Aduwo, Uche said.....     
‘This is nothing but a pack of malicious lies! A figment of someone’s sick imagination! How someone can just sit down and concoct this kind of story is beyond me. Please my marriage is intact, my son is fine and I am not emaciated neither have I ever been involved in any sex tape’.   
The actress further stated that it was unfortunate that she was not contacted first to confirm such stories before running to the press with it. 
But why would anyone claim a child is dead when he is still alive? As for the marriage, that I can understand, because some reporters are desperate to make it quickly and they don't mind feeding the public with false publications as long as they achieve their aims, but for the child? That's totally unacceptable and condemnable, except of course, Uche isn't telling the entire truth!

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