Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Denrele Edun Confirms He is Gay, Shares photo of His alleged Gay partner

Denrele s.exuality has always been a hot subject of discussion, and the eccentric personality doesn’t help matters himself as he is constantly doing things to make people talk.

Up to his usual antics again the popular O.A.P posted a picture which got tongues wagging all over again, with people questioning whether the presenter has finally put a label on his s.exuality.

Denrele posted a picture of himself and a guy in the bathroom he was fully clothed, while the man was only wearing a towel in the piece of photograph with a suggestive caption which read,
“That moment when the Side Chick is not a Chick! #TheMorningAfter #TransTuesday into #WednesdayWant”. 
Some weeks ago Denrele who calls himself Nigeria’s Caitlyn Jenner granted an interview revealing that he would be getting married, however he said he would be keeping his wife’s identity under wraps, to be revealed only if he gets paid for it. The media personality has also said several times that he is a s.exual outlaw, all the while insisting that he is not homos.exual.

Could this new picture be his way of coming out of the closet?


  1. His headache biko. I couldn't care less.

  2. We ve always known him to be a gay.. Next pls


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