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Couple Welcomes First Child After 15yrs Of Marriage & Six Miscarriages

Trying to fulfill your dreams of having a family can be a long, difficult and often heartbreaking experience, but with prayers, patience and faith all of your dreams can come true. 

After trying so hard to have a baby for fifteen years, Osamudiamen and Kate Egharevba can finally call themselves parents.

They welcomed their baby, Joshua Egharevba on Friday 23rd October 2015 in Benin City, Edo state.  Born with no complications whatsoever, the couple is over the moon Joshua is a healthy, beautiful baby boy to call their own.

Osamudiamen and Kate got married in the year 2000, and suffered six miscarriages during the first seven years of their marriage, after which they were unable to get pregnant till early 2015.
"There are no words to express the feelings going through my mind. God had mercy on me and confirmed His words in my life. I am overwhelmed." Kate said in a chat with TGNB.  Having suffered so many devastating disappointments, Kate says she never for once gave up, or let herself be swayed by doubt, rather, with every passing day, "I felt like I am a day closer to becoming a mom. I was very prepared for the great motherhood journey even when it's was starry-eyed."

Speaking on her struggle with chidlessness, the 34-year-old brand new mom said,
"It's the most difficult fifteen years of my life," adding that, "my situation was so complicated that I knew only a miracle could change my story." Guess what? God is still in the business of doing miracles and fifteen years after, Kate finally has her own baby. "Women who are looking for the fruit of the womb go through the worst trauma anyone can ever think of," Kate said while cuddling her baby. "Everyday you stand a chance to be ridiculed, make jest of and called names either by neighbours, or by friends, or even family members and sometimes by the man you call husband," she said before quickly adding that, "but in my case, my husband and family were very understanding and supportive."

Kate recalled the heartbreaking moment she suffered her last miscarriage...
"I was already four months and two weeks gone. If you are someone conversant with pregnancy and it's various stages, you would know that at that stage, the baby is already formed."  

"I was cooking when I suddenly felt like something is about to fall off me. Not knowing what to make of it, I want to the bathrooms, only to push down this tiny little creature that looked like a Lizard. Unlike the previous miscarriages that I had, this was a baby in it's smallest version. I could see it's five fingers and some other parts of it's body."  

Speaking further, she said,
"At first, I didn't believe that was another miscarriage because I was very healthy, and medically fit. Not until the doctor told me at the hospital."

Mr. Osamudiamen told TGNB that the decision to stay married only to his wife Kate despite her inability to bear him a child after so many years was the hardest decision he has ever made.

"Being the eldest son of the family and one who got married very early, all eyes were on me. And when after so many years, my wife and I could not bear a child, many people began to say so many things!"

"I remember how I practically became the subject of discussion and ridicule among friends. Most of them made fun of me not because I was childless, but because I refused to adhered to their advices to take another wife."

Osamudiamen however, admitted that there were times he lost faith and gave up on hope... "Sometimes, I will just have a whim and the next thing is to pick a fight with my wife for no good reason. At times when I feel downhearted I wonder if God still do exist."

Speaking on her source of strength, Kate said,
"God's words concerning me in His word was a big assurance to me. When he said 'Go Ye into the world and be fruitful,' I was in His plan. I knew His thought towards me is of good and that made my faith unflinching"

Speaking further she said,
"My mother-in-law was a great source of strength. She was among the few who encouraged me not to give up. She is a mother indeed. She is no Christian but she had faith that one day God will prove Himself in our lives."

"There is no day that I envisage and I don't see my kids. I have always believed that I am fruitful and it's only a matter of time for it's to be made manifest."

Kate ended by sending a word of advice to all childless couple, especially the women. She urged them to "remain steadfast, unflinching and patient," adding that, "you need to pay deaf ears to the world and look up to God - your only true Helper. Seek Him steadfastly and He will surely answer you."

"I pray the God who has done mine will also do yours, amen."



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