Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nkoli Nwa Nsukka and Ada Mbano At War Over Movie Role

According to Notabella, Nollywood Actress Racheal Okonkwo popularly known for her witty/local role in the movie 'Ada Mbano' and Queen Nwokoye who played a similar role in 'Nkoli Nwa Nsukka' are at loggerheads over a Movie role.

Here is how she reported it...
This is what went down over the weekend, a top producer called Rachel Okonkwo to play the lead in his movie while foremost actress Queen plays the sub-lead/supporting actress. The trouble began when Miss Queen, allegedly walked into the set and discovered the lady she was playing supporting actress with was her alleged junior colleague in the industry, Rachel.  
Queen reportedly left the set, saying she can never play under the starlet, that she was expecting to see the likes of Genevieve or Omotola and not Rachel who just got famous like "last week", as she allegedly put it. She thereafter entered into her car and drove off.  

The report revealed that the producer later resolved that Queen should play the lead while Rachel plays the supporting actress, however when Rachel heard the news, she was devastated she refused to come on set and play a supporting role under Queen.  

According to her, she said she can never act under Queen. She also refused to refund the money earlier paid for the movie.  

The two are now at odds as the movie has been stalled leaving the producer in confusion since both actresses have refused to show up at the movie set and have also refused to make a refund of their payment.

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  1. D Producer should have gotten someone else to play the supporting role and not demote Rachael.


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