Sunday, 20 September 2015

Nkem Owoh And Chinwe Owoh – Are They Related Or Married?

Nkem Owoh and Chinwe Owoh are among the post popular faces the Nigerian Nollywood ever produced. Both have featured in over one hundred movies each, still, little did many know about their relationship.

But why are people raising question about their relationship? Because both shares exactly the same surname – ‘Owoh’. 

Because of the controversies the similarity in surname have created among their fans, we decided to dig deep and unravel the mystery by providing the answer to one of the biggest questions in Nollywood. 

Before we proceed, I would like to encourage our stars in Nollywood and the Music industry, in fact all our celebrities to try and be more open about their families and earnings. Those information are very important to your fans because it is part of getting to know you and connecting with you more.

There is huge difference between protecting your family from public eyes and being hideous. Being hideous can be considered educational suicide because hideousness only give birth to speculation and misinformation. 

We all know Barack Obama and his family and they are still protected from the public eyes. We all know Jay Z and Beyonce and their family, even their net worth, yet nothing about that have endangered them or their family. 

Now, back to the question again. Is Nkem Owoh married to Chinwe Owoh? The answer is – No! They are not couples. According to Chinwe Owoh, she and Osuofia are in-law and not husband and wife.

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