Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Western World are now scared of Nigerians - Julius Agwu

Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu had in his first chat with Channels TV in London ahead of his comedy show that he wants to use the show to promote the positive side of Nigeria. 

According to him, the negative side of the country has been projected so much that people are now scared of Nigerians but with such shows, they will be able to help position the country.  He further noted that people are still in doubt if he will be able to deliver considering what he just passed through but he is ready to surprise everyone considering the hype the show has gotten.

“My comedy show is another way of telling people that no matter what you are pressing through, you should be thankful to God. Like I always say, if there has been anything that has made people celebrate us globally it is entertainment. And it should be a veritable tool that the government should capture towards laundering the image of the country.

“Because over here in London, when you mention Nigeria, people are scared because the negativity has been over publicized and over celebrated. We want to see the positive side of Nigeria and how do we do that it’s to use platforms like this to showcase the positive side of our country. I tell my colleagues that we need to be didactic as possible and not just telling a joke for joke sake, how do we use it as a tool, how do we use it as a medium to see how we can educate our people, see how we can change those, societal ills.

Even with this my event, people are still wondering like ‘you sure say Julius go fit perform, what is going to happen,” he posited.

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