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What Ebube Nwagbo didn’t say about her latest movie, "Not Enough"

This is definitely not a borrowed title from Avil Lavinge’s single, but a movie with a different and rare storyline that would try attracting a regular writer’s attention. Meaning, it’s a story on its own.

Even in the midst of plenty and excesses, life may not be enough or complete. You doubt? Homes are about to be thrilled in this yet another PoshWorld Productions’ movie, Not Enough. After a long trend in the internet sphere, here comes the gist of what went down, alongside the entailing of it all. 

The plot of Not Enough
Though hilarious, it has a blend of tragic and comic elements attached to its plotting. The story surrounds two young sisters from an affluent family, who out of youthful exuberance decided to know what the other side of life looks like, but they ended up endangering their lives in the hands of a make-for-all young man, Chukwudi, as played by Ekubo.

On Chukwudi’s character, it’s a role Ekubo comically interpreted like an untutored illiterate, who fraudulently acquired wealth to maintain his luxury lifestyle. As a socialite and rich young man, he happens to be the favourite of all ladies around his net. 

Alexx Ekubo in a hilarious act
Comically, interpretation of funny roles could be traced to the appearance he made on Yemi Alade’s wave-making video as Johnny, thereafter many may find it difficult to accept that Alexx Ekubo can do it again on a stretch in a complete movie.

Like he would say, “I’m a very serious actor when it comes to role delivery.” It was evident in the movie, Not Enough. In this PoshWorld Productions’ movie, Ekubo played the role of Chukwudi, an illiterate, but affluent young man.

As it never took him genuine effort to acquire his wealth, waste was his next of call. He was throwing his wealth around. Lavishly, his wealth was spent on women and luxuries, as he wanted his presence to be felt in the society. In fact, his character is an askew one, and it got dictated in his style of dressing.

How Ebube Nwagbo started it
The story started with the character, Chizzy as played by delectable actress, Ebube Nwagbo. A young girl from a rich family who was sent to school, so she could be sharpened on how to read and write, as well gain knowledge of excelling through her studies. Out of youthful exuberance, she got trapped into a relationship with a make-for-all young man, whose love and care for the opposite sex is just to have an advantage of them. She is a sister to Chimdi, the perceived good daughter in her family.

For Chukwudi, it was like meeting the wrong girl where Chizzy was, as her main aim for the relationship is the fun. She was ready to have as much fun as she could, but was not ready to pay the price as expected from the source. While she was not ready to play in, need for a replacement took in.

Nazo Ekezie being the scapegoat
After going through Chimdi’s character as played by Nazo Ekezie, one needs to take a precaution before a leap, at least before jumping into the deep end of things. She got herself involved into an undue relationship that ended up putting her life at risk. At first, she never wanted it, and never knew what it took her sister to brave through it.

For her, it all started when she would escort her sister to Chukwudi’s house. This she did for a period of time and was rewarded for it. Feeling that there was more to the relationship between Chukwudi and the sister, she got carried away when her attention as a replacement to her sister emerged. When she gave in, the plot described her as one who was escorting but ended up being the escorted.

In Not Enough, Nazo Ekezie is the favourite of pretenders when it comes to human existence. Due to the character she presented, her parents could barely believe that she could hurt a fly, as loads of unkind words were heaped on her sister’s head, who they thought was full of flaws. 

Chiemela Nwagboso setting out a style for Alexx Ekubo
It’s totally an awkward style of costume for Alexx Ekubo. Yet to be seen in movies, or better still, it can be described as the first of its kind. This writer is yet to figure out how the costumier, Chiemela Nwagboso was able to create such adorning wears for Ekubo.

In this movie, the awkward costumes were ideas designed by the wardrobe manager to describe Ekubo’s character as Chukwudi. But, it may end up being a style or swag for new generation fashion-buffs. It’s awkward, but classical. 

Highly budgeted project
If noted as highly budgeted project, it’s definitely not for hype or a just-say. The most expensive equipment for shoots got felt on the set of Not Enough. Group of professionals were seen complementing each other’s job in the technical side of the film. Indeed, PoshWorld Production team as coordinated by the producer, Ogonna Mbonu is not dissuaded by the fear of gains when it comes to quality delivery of family related movies. Meticulously, quality led the way of Not Enough.    

The Big Lesson
Before jumping into the deep end, consider buffering the risk by setting some boundaries. It’s normal to have doubts and hesitations about involving uncertainties, but then, it’s all for good.

With a star-studded cast list

As directed by Afe Olumowe, this star-studded cinema movie starred Oge Okoye, Nazo Ekezie, Michael Bonny Bassey (Big Brother), Sarrafina Amaechi, Susan Zayat, Tina Amuziam, alongside Ebube Nwagbo.


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