Thursday, 9 July 2015

Juliet Ibrahim Criticized Over Skin Lightening Cream Advert (Pictures)

Juliet Ibrahim, a Ghanaian actress whose charming face, beauty, alongside her amiable nature has endeared her to numerous fans across Africa has been put on blast by those who are against her recent billboard advert. 

The divorced mother of one was spotted on the billboard advert of one of the popular skin lightening creams in Ghana, ‘Carotone’.  Chris Vincent of Ghana Celebrities, one those that felt bad about the development, penned his aggression on the matter. 

“It’s pathetic to come across a bleaching celebrity but for one to boldly become a poster girl for a bleaching cream; that is diabolical, insensitive and grossly callous, considering the fact that we have a large population of uneducated Ghanaians who would just buy these products for the mere fact Juliet Ibrahim is on there." 

Continuing, the obviously angry Vincent expressed his utmost disappointment of how Juliet could stoop so low to deceive the people that ought to be looking up to her for good morals. 

“I don’t know how much they paid Juliet Ibrahim and I do not care to know else, I would have asked her. However, I am offensively disappointment to see a mother of one, a well-established name with several young followers having seemingly relegated her conscience into the gutters, for the sake of money.” 

Meanwhile, the actress-cum-producer is well-known to be of a mixed parentage.

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