Friday, 13 February 2015

VIDEO: Muna Obiekwe's Sister Finally Reveals The Truth About His Death

The sudden passing of popular Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe is arguably the most shocking entertainment industry news story of 2015. The well loved actor died in January 2015 and prior to his death, most fans had no idea he was struggling with health problems.

Inside Nollywood spoke to Chinwe Obiekwe who is identified as Muna's step sister, at the actor's burial ceremony. During the brief interview, a clearly distraught Chinwe explains that Muna's illness was diagnosed in October last year. Chinwe shared that Muna's kidney failure was triggered by High Blood Pressure possibly caused by stress. 

According to Chinwe, Muna's family was already making plans for a kidney transplant - "his uncles were to come to Nigeria to operate on him". Unfortunately, both of his kidneys failed and he passed away before the transplant operation.

Download the Video HERE

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